Saturday, May 3, 2014

Monotypes, papers, liftprint and chine collé.

My Tuesdays in April at Malaspina.

Monotypes liftprint and chine collé: the painterly print.

In this picture I am with Anne Gaze, great Vancouver artist, and in the middle of us, Heather Aston, who is a  printmaker that works out of her home studio and a printmaking studio on Granville Island in Vancouver. I have the pleasure to share Malaspina Studio with them.
                                Thank you Heather!

  The experience of working in a studio atmosphere was wonderful.         


This printmaking process is one that involves transformation and discovery.

In this course I explored making oil-based monotypes while I learned other printing  techniques such as liftprint and chine collé.                       

Along with theses techniques, I was introduced to different papers (Japanese, like mulberry, kozo, or  rice). Using materials, like cheap oil painting brushes, Q-tips, wooden chopsticks, objects with rigid textures (bubble wrap, toothbrushes, combs, plastic forks, wire brushes, corrugated cardboard, or anything else you can find that you might want to draw with or make impressions with).

My prints


The course opened to me new possibilities for expression in my artwork, enjoying, and exploring colour, form, line, and different techniques. There were demonstrations, discussions, and critiques as well. Art is learning every single day.

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