Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Tree with recycling art. Arbol de Navidad con arte reciclado.

Christmas Tree with recycling art.
Alongside other artists, I was invited to decorate the Poco Heritage Christmas Tree, for the annual festival, at Leigh Square.
ArtFocus, the art group where I am working, was elected. The watchword was that all the ornaments we had to create, they had to be made from recycled materials. In my case I have used paper bags, dryer machine's towels, scraps of wool, fabrics stash and laces, tuna's cans, newspapers, buttons, and a pinch here and a little there, has become this:
Arbol de Navidad con arte reciclado.
Junto con otros artistas fui invitada a adornar el árbol de Navidad para Poco Heritage Christmas Tree Festival, en Leigh Square.
ArtFocus, el grupo de arte donde estoy fue elegido. La consigna era que todos los adornos fueran creados de materiales reciclados. En mi caso usé bolsas de papel, toallitas de la máquina secadora, restos de lana, retazos telas, pasamanería, puntillas, latas de atún, diarios, botones; y un poquito de aquí y otro poquitito de allí, se ha convertido en esto:

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fall Art Show

Fall Show.
 I was exhibiting my artwork in Art Focus Fall Show at Leigh Square Community Arts Village.
 It was wonderful share the passion I feel for art with many artists that weekend!

My show was about engraving.  Some Monotype Prints with Chine Collé, Intaglio, Mezzotint, Aquatint, Relieve, Wood Carving, and Screen Print among of them.

Finally, after a busy weekend, at the peace of my home with my babies, the best Artwork of my life.
                                                              I love you boys!