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What I have been doing in my life so far in this world

Patricia Gaspar’s Specialties:
Art, graphic design, engraving, painting, drawing, Spanish Teacher, Journalist, couching,

    • The landowner Magazine 6588 Fallowfield Rd Stittsville, ON, K2S 1B8
    • June/July 2010
    • Patricia Gaspar Photographs, Eileen Holland writer

    Photographs taken by Patricia Gaspar, at the "Salmon Leave Home festival, May 2 2010 at Hoy Creek. The department of Fisheries and Oceans, run across British Columbia eighteen hatcheries, among them, Hoy/Scott Watershed Society in Coquitlam, where members of the public were invited to help to release ten thousand Coho salmon smolts from the hatchery into Hoy Creek. Volunteers, and children, were working in a very rainy day, for four hours, to transfer the fish from the rearing pond to the rain-swollen creek.
    That festival was held, In an effort to raise public awareness about the miracle of the salmon life cycle and the importance of protecting our salmon in every way possible. Raised from the egg stage at the hatchery, these Coho will make their way along a series of creeks and rivers, including the mighty Fraser, ending up in the Pacific Ocean.
    [ The Landowner Magazine, June/July 2010, Vol 5, Page 32; 33 ] Landowner Magazine,, Powered by BKL Design Group.

Patricia Gaspar’s Experience
Art gallery curator, and Art teacher assistant. Volunteer

Evergreen Cultural Centre

Fine Art industry

January 2011 Present

Evergreen Cultural Centre
1205 Pinetree Way
V3B 7Y3
Phone: 604-927-6550
Fax: 604-927-6559
Neighbourhood(s): Coquitlam
Centre features an art gallery, theatre events, and workshops.

The Evergreen Cultural Centre is a theatre and music venue in Coquitlam, British Columbia, opened in October 1996 by former Coquitlam Mayor Lou Sekora. The design team was headed by Thom Weeks of Architectura, and the contract was completed by Proscenium Architecture.

The Centre features a 264-seat black box theatre (with configurable seating from stadium to flat floor), a fully equipped rehearsal hall, three art studios, and a 1,500-square-foot (140 m2) art gallery with adjoining gallery shop. The Centre is owned by the City of Coquitlam, and is located in Coquitlam's Town Centre Park, overlooking Lafarge Lake.

Programming at the Evergreen Cultural Centre includes live theatre, comedy, musical concerts, visual arts workshops, festivals, and more. The facility serves as the home theatre for the Stage 43 Theatrical Society, and is also part of the Arts Club Theatre Company circuit that brings popular plays to the venue. The Centre is the home venue for the Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble and the Coastal Sound Music Academy. The Water's Edge Festival, a 25 hour continuous music festival, is held at the Centre and on the shores of neighbouring Lafarge Lake.

Also housed in the complex is the Coquitlam Innovation Centre, the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, and the Tourist Information Centre. A second 750-seat auditorium has been planned, but has yet to be funded.

Hoy Creek Society
(Privately Held; Environmental Services industry)

April 2009 — Present!/group.php?gid=4908142439

The Hoy Creek Hatchery is a volunteer operated Salmon Hatchery located along Hoy Creek in the Town Center area of Coquitlam, BC. Our Hatchery is in an urban setting located between many high density residential buildings. A linear park was designed to run along the northern half of Hoy Creek. It is located on the former Brewer property, who ran a small farm and hatchery.

The Hoy Creek salmon hatchery is designed to enhance the salmon stocks within Hoy/Scott creek watershed. To do this we use returning salmon to collect eggs and sperm. After the eggs hatch, the salmon are raised in a controlled setting, to improve their chance of survival. The salmon are then released, dependant on species, at different times of the year.

Art exhibitions

Art exhibition 2010, at The Black Cat Pub, Temperley, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Nicolas de Pedro, vocalist of Loop band, invited me to exhibit my paintings and engravings, at the stage, in the musical performance of his band.

5th International Exhibition 2008 At Fundarte Art Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
Art Exhibition Group
(Fine Art industry)

September 2008 — October 2008 (2 months)

Art Exhibition
INFORMATION: TEL. (416) 394-8628 &
(416) 783-8062
399 THE WEST MALL (At Burnhamthorpe)
Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery

Volunteer Spanish Teacher
Queen Elizabeth High School, Calgary, AB, Canada
(Fine Art industry)

October 2006 — June 2007 (9 months)

Queen Elizabeth High School, Calgary, AB, Canada

Volunteer Art Teacher
Queen Elizabeth High School, Calgary, AB, Canada
(Fine Art industry)

October 2006 — June 2007 (9 months)

Queen Elizabeth High School, Calgary, AB, Canada

Art Exhibition Group
Artpoint Art Gallery, Calgary-AB, Canada
(Fine Art industry)

August 2006 — August 2006 (1 month)

2006 3rd Annual Unseen Artistsrtpoint Gallery and Studios Society

1139 - 11th Street SE Calgary AB T2G 3G1

(403) 265-6867
At Artpoint Art Gallery, Calgary-AB, Canada

Art Teacher and Freelance Artist
Saint Model Institute
(Fine Art industry)

March 1989 — December 2003 (14 years 10 months)

I was working as an Art Teacher at Saint Model Institute and as Freelance Artist in several Art Galleries. In one of them I met Carlos Regazzoni, when I worked as an art dealer at Bs As Argentina.

Special Gratefulness- Art Exhibition
Autumn' Salon
(Fine Art industry)

July 2001 — July 2001 (1 month)

Art Exhibition

Special Invitation to Art Exhibition
(Fine Art industry)

April 2001 — April 2001 (1 month)

Event organized by "Argentinian Presidency of the Nation,
Culture and Mass Media's Extent

Art Exhibition
Anniversary Foundation
(Fine Art industry)

May 2000 — June 2000 (2 months)

Art Exhibition

Special Mention Art Exhibition
Women's Salon
(Fine Art industry)

March 2000 — April 2000 (2 months)

Art Exhibition

My solo
First Solo Art Exhibition
(Fine Art industry)

1985 — April 1985 (less than a year)

Art Exhibition

First Group Art Exhibition
Engravings, and Printmaking's
(Fine Art industry)

1982 — 1982 (less than a year)

Art Exhibition


Patricia Gaspar’s Education
Douglas College
Career Builder , Occupational Research , 2008 — 2008

The Training Group at Douglas College

Activities and Societies:Skills, Employability and Labour market Information
Equilibrium International Education Institute, Calgary, AB
ESL Training Intermediate Level 2006 2006 — 2007

Maple Leaf Academy, Calgary AB
Advanced Level , ESL , 2006 — 2006

Activities and Societies:ESL Training Advanced Level 2007
Maple Leaf Academy, Calgary AB
Martha Street Studio Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Printmaking , Printmaking Course , 2005 — 2005

Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora
Protocol , Public Relations , 2001 — 2001

Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora
Licenciatura , Journalism/ Periodismo , 1995 — 2001

1994- 2001Estudios de Arte e Universitarios- Exposiciones de Arte - Argentina.
2005- 2008 Exposiciones, cursos de arte y Couching- Canadá
1989-2003 Trabajos en radio (Ciudades, FM Adrogué y FM Cooperativa)
2009 Exposición en Argentina

Activities and Societies:Cursos de Periodismo de Investigación, Protocolo y Organización de Eventos (RR PP)
Periodista de la Agencia Universitaria de Noticias.
Directora de la revista "Gasoleros" de la cátedra de Comunicación e Ideología.
Directora del video "Santa Catalina, un bosque en la ciudad"
Exposiciones de Arte.
Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora
Bachelor Degree; National School of Fine Arts , Journalism , 1995 — 2001

National Drawing Teacher Certification 1985
"Manuel Belgrano, Fine Art School"

Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora
Marketing's , 1998

Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora
Research Journalism 1996 — 1996

Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte
Magisterio Nacional de Dibujo , Bellas Artes , 1980 — 1983

Perfeccionamiento en técnicas de grabado, pintura y escultura
en la Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes " Manuel Belgrano" Barracas, Bs As, Argentina.

Activities and Societies:Grupo de pintura y dibujo al aire libre, "Parque Lezama", Bs As, Argentina

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